What does it mean to support local business?

According to the Tennessee Small Business Administration, 96.8% of businesses operating within the state are locally-owned, employing over a million of our friends, family, and neighbors.

In a day and age where corporations seem to loom over our lives, I can’t express how much pride that should give us as a state.

When you support a local business, you are directly supporting your community. By spending your money amongst your neighbors, you’re ensuring they’ll be able to spend that money through other businesses right here in the state! The goodwill compounds.

By supporting local business, you are also building a relationship with the folks around you. It’s easier to get to know the head of a business like Smoky Mountain Clean than it is to build a rapport with someone like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. You’re building a relationship built on trust.

Keeping things local also means keeping unemployment low, providing tax dollars that go directly to local education and industry enhancement, and allowing for infrastructure improvements that make life smoother for everyone.

Perhaps the most important aspect of supporting local businesses (as far as a consumer is concerned), though, is the level of personalized service you’re able to receive. When your provider lives right down the road, and when they’re directly familiar with your home, your life, and your situation, they’re able to provide service that’s geared toward you as a consumer in a way that a big chain simply cannot.

Smoky Mountain Clean is proud to be a local business. We’re proud to provide the Knoxville & Sevierville home cleaning service around. While the big chains (Maids, MerryMaids, etc) like to pretend they’re local, the money spent through them leaves the state and finds its way into the hands of bigwigs elsewhere.

Shop local, stay local, clean local.

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